Puppy pause

"Flickering crystal heartbeat symbolizing the precious multi-facets of living on the Autism Spectrum"


‘Puppy pause’

Tis the season to select gifts!

Just saw this cute puppy taking a pause from people.  Purina Animal All-Stars  on Yahoo! is featuring a video of a puppy making funny noises while asleep.   View it at –


Sleeping puppy makes adorable noises
Prepare yourself for more cute than you might be able to handle. 

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'Puppy pause' from Purina Animal All Stars on Yahoo

We’ve been considering (for 5 years!) whether to adopt a puppy.  Our son likes dogs no matter the size or color.  He has never been afraid of big dogs even as a baby!

We know the benefits of animals, dogs in particular, as service guides, companionship, helps with expressive language, sports, etc…

But, we are not quite sure about how to train the dog for the redundancies of an Autism lifestyle.

Maybe next year our son could send in a picture of him and ‘rover’ instead of him and ‘a puppy pillow pet’!  Still cute though.

Well, let’s enjoy this ‘Puppy pause’ moment…

We’ll think about brainier things later.


Points to Ponder

Purina Animal All-Stars on Yahoo! allows you to view, upload photos and videos or your favorite pets and animal moments.

This is a good website for relaxation, laughter and learning about animals in a ‘uniquely different’ way.


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1 Response to Puppy pause

  1. Dada just said a cute puppy video won’t change his mind.
    Family response, “Well, it’s back to the drawing board! At least we have these Purina Animal All Stars on Yahoo.”

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