Gifts – ‘uniquely different’ (food)

Rugelach is a yumyum delicious 'uniquely different' treat (Juniors' Most Fabulous Cheesecake and Desserts)


"Flickering crystal heartbeat symbolizing the precious multi-facets of living on the Autism Spectrum"

food      food!     food! FOOD  FOOD!       FOOD!     yumyum!!

Yep!  Eating adds to our holiday enjoyment.

Try Junior’s Most Fabulous Cheesecakes and Desserts’!

Just because your family may be on a lactose-free, gluten-free, casein-free, low-fat nutrition plan…


Our 5 year old son likes the Rugelach containing raisins, cinnamon and walnuts. Shhh!! Mums the yumyum word.. We are expecting his Junior’s Cheesecakes and Desserts gold gift tin to arrive for Thanksgiving week!

We are enjoying Juniors’ Cheesecakes and Desserts as they celebrate their 60th Anniversary as the ‘Original New York Cheesecake’!

We order a variety of treats every holiday season, including Juniors’ Pumpkin Swirl!

If your family has other dietary concerns, ask for a ‘low glycemic’ special orders that are endorsed by the Glycemic Research Institute. Try Junior’s ‘Sugar-Free Low-Carb Cheesecake Sampler’ with raspberry swirl, chocolate swirl, cappuccino, and plain.

Junior’s Original Sugar-Free Low-Carb Cheesecake is low in carbs, sugar free, made with Xylitol, all-natural sweetener.

“Are you preparing special holiday dishes for the ‘uniquely different’ eaters in your family, club, office party or religious gatherings? Remember to consider low-fat, low-glycemic, low-carb, casein-free, gluten-free, as well as, weight-enhancing foods for your holiday menu.  Good holiday selections are: ‘Junior’s’ Rugelach and ‘Ezekiel 4:9 bread’ from ‘Food For Life’, ‘Joseph’s Bread’, ‘E.D. Smith and Sons Salad Dressing’, ‘White Wave Silk Soy Milk’, ‘Mueller’s Pasta’ , ‘Turtle Mountain Non-Dairy Desserts’.  What are some of your ‘uniquely different’ eaters food preferences?” [Facebook excerpt post for”Enjoying the Hi-5s of Autism – A Family Experience” ]


KBJ Cosse’ Family

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