Gifts – ‘uniquely different’ (toys)

"Flickering crystal heartbeat symbolizing the precious multi-facets of living on the Autism Spectrum"

Stress balls 'uniquely different' sensory toys - Office Playground


Gifts – ‘uniquely different’

Now is a good time to start thinking about what type of gifts would make good gifts for someone on the Autism Spectrum.

Even if you stick with more traditional gifts, try to think about how it could be useful for an individual with Autism.

Remember, people on the Autism Spectrum and with other developmental disabilities, see-process-think-operate-live-function-express themselves in  ‘uniquely different’ ways.

If you could ask them and receive a reply, do so.  Just simply ask just like you would anyone else you plan to give a gifts to during the holiday season…

Maybe you could order a catalogue or show them a gift website and give them time to select a ‘Wish List’ of products.

“What do you want for …(holiday)?”

Try  Office Playground – ‘where we make working fun’ has a large supply of ‘uniquely different’  items that can be suitable for a person with Autism.

Why?  Many of Office Playground‘s products are fun, ‘manipulatives’, pleasing to the senses, can be calming, useful in relieving stress, are interactive and just simply fun!

Office Playground has Kinetic and liquid motion items, foam stress toys, puzzles, Silly Putty, Goo, springs, talking heads, and a lot of other great items for work and home.  Also, there’s a Classroom Favorites suggestions.

Shhh! … We have already used their Holiday Gift Guide tab to select our 5 year old son’s ‘Wish List’.  He likes Bendables, Klixx, Galileo Thermometers, basketball hoops, Slinkys and Hoberman Spheres, as well as, many of the talking items!

Go to  for more products, discounts and links.  Office Playground items are good for year-round gift giving!

Points to Ponder

Why do you think you have not considered ‘uniquely different’ gifts for the person with Autism?

When you purchase some, let us know why that Office Playground product worked for the person you know on the Autism Spectrum.

Please take our ‘uniquely different’ poll.


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