Gifts – ‘uniquely different’ (teens/adults)

Gifts – ‘uniquely different’ (teens/adults)


Okay, you’ve spent years carefully selecting the just-so-right toys for your kids with a Special Need(i.e., autism, motor/auditory/visual/intellectual conditions)…

but now they are a teen or adult!

There are  so many companies catering to the newborn to pre-teen age groups. Just look at the commercials on tv and online.

What to buy for my loved one with a special need?!

‘UNIQUELY DIFFERENT’ gifts that are not so unusual is the answer.


Why? Traditional toy companies have not caught up with the computer/electronic industry-who are marketing to consumers with special needs.

So, when considering gifts for teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum, simply think about what interests them, AS AN INDIVIDUAL.

Likewise, consider what a person with a sensory integration issue or other neuro-bioligical conditions would prefer, as well as, would avoid.

Also, this ‘uniquely different’ concept can be applied to children, too.


Bring your loved one to pick out their gifts.

Browse online sites with them or have them do it.

Get a catalog and have them select a few items.

Here are a few suggestions:

~electronic gadgets

~online ‘bidding’ accounts (favorite items purchasing options)

~dvds/cds and accessories (try our Facebook page for films starring/about people with special needs at ‘Enjoying Autism in Cinema’ by KBJ Cosse’)

~sound wave devices

~symphony orchestra LIGHTS show!

~movie tickets

~science museum season pass

~gift cards (favorite restaurant, stores, parks,etc..)

~e-reading devices and e-books gift certificates (try our Facebook page for more e-reading devices at ‘Enjoying Autism Reading Resources’ by KBJ Cosse’)

~smartphone and  applications (purchases)

~7″ Android tablet

~i-pad, i-phone,i-pod and gift card accessories

~computer software

computer games (Millionaire, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune)

~Sony Electronics hdtv and Google system (awesome YouTube Channel!)

~magazine subscriptions

~Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart computer system (OMG!)

~Fun and

~interactive mobiles (cars, helicopters, robots,etc..)

~interactive games

~Wii system, XBox, PlayStation and accessories


~art, art kits

~nook color by Barnes & Nobles

~The Girl Who Spoke In Pictures []


"Flickering crystal heartbeat symbolizing the precious multi-facets of living on the Autism Spectrum"

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