AspienWoman Mentor Interview Series: Author, Advocate and TedX presenter, Jeanette Purkis

Happy New Year!

Enjoy Taniaann Marshall’s  inspirational ‘AspienWoman Mentor Interview Series’ on  author Jeanette Purkis.  TedX presenter Purkis is the author of  Finding a Different Kind of Normal: Misadventures With Asperger Syndrome.

Jeanette has a diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. She also has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from RMIT University and works for the Australian Public Service as a policy adviser. Jeanette spent her early life reacting violently against her feelings of embarrassment, anger and confusion about her ‘difference’ from other people. She was unaware until well into adulthood that everything she found
difficult, including her lack of success in forming relationships, could be a
result of having Asperger Syndrome. Jeanette recently received an Excellence
Award from the CEO of her department for promoting inclusion and advocating for
disability. She is a frequent speaker at autism conferences and she facilitates
a support group for women on the autism spectrum. She lives in Canberra,

Tania A. Marshall, M.Sc.

AspienWoman Mentor Interview Series: Author, Advocate and TedX presenter, Jeanette Purkis

Tania:  Hello Jeanette and thank-you for agreeing to become a Mentor in the Aspiengirl/Aspienwomen mentor Project. We think you are a fantastic role model and certainly have a lot to offer in terms of lived experience.

Jeanette: Thanks 🙂



Tania: I first came across you when I read your book “Finding a different kind of normal”, I was amazed how much you had gone through in your short life and still be alive. I love stories of people overcoming challenges. You know what I mean?

Jeanette: My early lif was very troubled. I experienced a lot of difficulties when I was a child and a young woman. I didn’t really have a lot of support to help me make the right choices. I didn’t have a diagnosis until I was 20 and so my teenage years were very hard.

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