Rock Climbing Camp and Kids Night Out!

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Now Registering – 

Slidell Rocks’ Summer Climbing Camp!!! 

In our One of a Kind Summer Camp, you will learn the fundumentals of the sport of Rock Climbing.

Each session will be held from 8:00am – Noon, Monday – Friday.

Snacks and alot of fun will be provided. 

Sign up now! Space is limited!!

Session 1 – July 16 – 20, 2012

Session 2 – July 23 – 27, 2012

Slidell Rocks will bring your summer to a new height!!

Ages 6+.

Do you run a Summer Camp and are looking for fun and exciting feild trips this summer?

Well, Slidell Rocks has you covered. We offer (1 , 1.5 and 2 hour) sessions.

Call now to check for availability and schedule your Camp Feild Trip with us.

 (985) 646-1411.



 (special summer times)

Remaining Nights:  July 20, 2012

6:00pm – 9:00pm

This is a fun, safe night of climbing for ages 6+. 

Mom’s and Dad’s, if you are spotting the younger climbers and need someone to spot for you, 

this is the night for you.

Mom’s and Dad’s, if you looking for a date night

you can drop the (responsible) kids off, …

– Hope to see you soon.

Gym Specials

Click here to view Slidell Rocks Photo Galleries:

Walls that range from easy to difficult and everything in between:

Vertical walls and corners for new climbers

 Racing Wall 

Enhance-Workout Climbing Ropes!

  “Mobile Mountain”


25(foot) tall, 5-climber, portable rock climbing Mountain, rock-like surface

different in its difficulty levels

 “At Home” party or group gatherings, Corporate Parties. 

We will come out, set-up, and run the wall for your event:

fairs, festivals and fund-raisers.

Boy Scout Merit Badge


 “Boulder / Training Room” 

 45 degree, 7 hang-boards, a roof barrel, a low roof that starts less than 3 foot of the ground 

to a nice upward angle and then transfers to the ceiling;

opens up into our existing Bouldering Cave’;

 course music and A/C

“Top Rope” Walls

 16 different  

This corner is the more challenging side of our gym. 



“Enjoyable School Year” – “All Children Can Learn.”

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