Airport Thievery

Traveling this Labor Day?

Here’s a perspective of an autistic Adult maneuving through the airport.

“I was appalled by what the kiosk was directing me to do. How awful to have to steal a fellow passenger’s passport! I clutched onto my passport even tighter in case the guy at the next kiosk would be trying to swipe it on me. I intentionally took some slow deep breaths trying to calm myself while keeping an eye on the potential thieves all around me. It was hard to calm down. I looked at the directive “please swipe passport” still on the screen I loudly announced, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this!”

An agent came over, looked at the screen, took my passport and swiped it – just like I swipe my credit card at the grocery store. Once I saw that I realized exactly what the kiosk directions meant because I have swiped my credit card many times. My brain just hadn’t pulled up the right “swipe” picture.

Since that time a few years ago I have become much more comfortable in airports. In addition, I have learned that I can successfully deal with the unplanned surprises that come up along the way. Ultimately I can get where I am going without being any more frazzled that the average passenger. Chalk this up as one more thing a person can learn after 50!”

Note: To read about Judy’s most recent airport accomplishment, please read Brenda Smith Myles’ Foreword in Judy’s newest book, Learning the Hidden Curriculum: The Odyssey of One Autistic Adult (2012, AAPC Publishing).

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